Learning How To Read

At Stepney Greencoat Primary School we use mainly the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme of books. However, we do also use books from the Big Cat Scheme and the PM Story Books Reading Scheme.

Here are some tips on how you can support your child with learning to read:

1. Teach the children the letter names

2. Children should learn the sounds of  the letters

3. Blend these sounds into words

4. Parents read a variety of books to your children

  • So that they grow their story knowledge and vocabulary
  • They can see what reading looks like

5. Children should read books at their level

  • Read the book about three times
  • Once confident with the book encourage them to read using a storytellers voice

What children should know


  • Know the front and back of the book
  • Hold the book the correct way up
  • Know the difference between the illustration (picture) and the print (words)
  • Know to read from left to right
  • Know where to go when they have finished reading a line (return sweep)
  • Know to read the left page before the right
  • Should have completed Phase 1 Phonics


  • Know what a letter is and what a word is
  • Match spoken words to printed words
  • Read the Sight Words, 35 out of the 45 Sight Words  – I, like, mum, dad
  • Be able to sound out and blend words
  • Be able to read simple sentences