Before and After School Care

Breakfast Club

We are pleased to be able to notify you that we will be able to continue to offer a Breakfast Club every school day from 7.45am — 8.45am for the next academic year. The latest arrival time to be able to eat breakfast is 8.20am. The cost of this will increase to £10 per week (or part thereof) for the first child and £5 per week for each subsequent sibling attending at the same time. This price increase is to reflect the costs to the school of running the Breakfast Club including staff salaries and the costs of the breakfast provisions. We will not be making a profit from the running of this club.

We would also like to remind parents that children may not be left at school before 7.45am as there is no staff available to take care of them.

The cost of Breakfast Club must be paid half termly in advance by Friday 15th September for the first half term and Friday 3rd November for the second half term. This is to allow the school to budget accordingly. If you have not paid for the half term in full by these dates, your child will lose their place in the club.

After School Clubs - Summer 2018

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Session 1A

3.30 - 4.30

Session 1B

3.30 – 4.30

Session 2

4.30 – 5.30



Scooter club

Film Night


Multi-sports (EYFS & KS1)

British Sign Language

After School Care

Multi-sports (KS2)


Art & Craft with Ambia

Guitar (KS2)



Multi-sports (EYFS, KS1 & KS2)

Homework (EYFS & KS1)

After School Care

Chess club (KS2)

Homework (KS2)



….and relax

Fitness Fun

Karate: Karate can teach you many vital skills: discipline, co-ordination, balance, cardio, listening, self-defence etc. whilst still being a lot of fun. This class will be run by a professional from the Elitez Karate Academy. Pupils who have previously attended this club as well as new pupils are all welcome.

Scooter club: Bring along your scooter, hat and knee and elbow pads and navigate courses in the playground. When the weather is bad you will be learning how to look after your scooter and jazz it up a bit! We are not able to provide scooters or safety wear, so please ensure that you bring your own. Children will not be permitted to join in without wearing all of the protective clothing.

Film Night: Films suitable for all ages will be shown and popcorn will be served!

Multi-sports: Come and play a range of different games that will develop a variety of skills. This will be provided by our P.E. coach supported by staff from the Tower Hamlets Youth Foundation.

Guitar:  This is an introduction to learning to play the guitar run by staff from Leaders in the Community. This is available in the first instance to Key Stage 2 only.

Art & Craft with Ambia: Ambia will be continuing to deliver an exciting range of arts and crafts activities so your child will have something new to bring home and show you every week.

British Sign Language: An introduction to sign language run by the ‘Empowering Deaf Society’. Join us to learn to communicate with others with hearing impairments. Through fun songs, games and activities your child will learn the signs for colours, names and other everyday useful words and phrases. Pupils who have previously attended this club as well as new pupils are all welcome.

Cooking: Learn to cook simple, healthy and nutritious food and snacks.

Homework: Get some help with homework! This is in two separate groups (EYFS/KS1 and KS2).

Dance: This class is run by Rita from ‘Lets’ All Dance’ and is one of our most popular clubs. Places are limited so please book early!

Chess Club: Mr Scott, our Chair of Governors, will be running this new club where you will have fun and play games with each other. You will be encouraged to identify the pieces, set up the board and learn the basic moves (KS2 only).

…and relax: end the week with a relaxing range of activities with Anne and Kwete. Practice a bit of mindfulness with some relaxing music, maybe a bit of colouring, maybe a word search or even a crossword if you’re feeling up to it. But most importantly, relax.

Fitness Fun: Join our energetic team and have some fitness fun with games such as tug of war, dance and movement programmes.