Learning How To Read

At Stepney Greencoat we want reading to be fun and exciting for the children; we want every child to be a confident reader who reads for both purpose and pleasure.

At Stepney Greencoat we teach children to read through a variety of ways:

  1. Phonics - Where individual sounds are identified and blended together to read a whole word.
  2. Sight Words - Words children read whole without segmenting.
  3. Shared Reading - When a whole class reads together.
  4. Guided Reading - When the teacher reads with a small group of the same ability.
  5. One to One Reading - When an adult reads individually with a child.

Here are some top tips for helping your child to read at home:

  1. Use the sight word ring in different ways to support the learning of whole words.
  2. When reading a home school reader book, encourage the use of phonics skills to segment and blend unfamiliar words. Also encourage the reading of sight words learnt to be read as a whole word.
  3. Encouraged your child to use their ‘reading finger’.
  4. Ask questions about the book being read and get your child to put their finger under where they have found the answer in the text.
  5. Read a range of different books to your child. Use different voices and make it fun. This will give a good model of reading, increase vocabulary and create excitement about books.
  6. Join a library and spend time picking out new books to read at home together.