Year 4

My name is Sharon Smith and I am the Year 4 class teacher at Stepney Greencoat CE Primary School. I studied Education Studies at Middlesex University and went on to pursue my desire to teach at the Institute of Education. In the past, I have worked in schools as a teaching assistant and after school club leader.  I am now happy to say I am a class teacher at Stepney Greencoat and have been for the past 2 years and counting. There are endless reasons I could list as to why I love Stepney Greencoat, one of which is being a one form entry school. This means that you are part of one big family where everyone knows each other, loves one another and has a genuine concern for the well being of each person at heart. But most of all, I love that this school is a Church of England School. Outside of  school, I am a wife who loves her family, her home and the church. During the holidays, I make it an aim to brush up on my baking skills (Great British Bake-Off, here I come!) and catch up on some well deserved rest.

Year 4 News & Letters

Year 4 Curriculum Letter - Spring 1 2019

Pack those bags, we will be taking a journey into the past, exploring the land that we live on and its past inhabitants! That's right, we are not the only people that call Britain home.

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Year 4 Highlights