Since March 2019 life generally, as well as in schools, has been very different…

Between March and July 2020 we pleased to be able to remain open for the children of critical workers and for our most vulnerable children.

On a weekly basis we made weekly telephone calls to each and every one of our families.

We provided food parcels for families in need and processed free school meal vouchers for families who were entitled to this government initiative.

We offered an, evolving, online learning provision for children to access at home and home delivered paper based learning for families without internet access.

From the 8th June we welcomed back 67% of our Reception children, 79% of our Year 1 pupils and 52% of our Year 6 pupils, all on a two day week model.

From 22nd June we welcomed 65% of Year 5 children back, again, on the 2 day week model.

From 29th June 71% of Year 2 children returned for two days per week.

Finally on the 8th July we also welcomed our Year 3 and Year 4 children back for one day.

We are proud that we were able to be open for a significantly larger number of pupils than other schools locally.

As from September 2020 we are open fully for all year groups on a full time basis and 98% of our pupils have returned.