Year 1 Curriculum 2020-21






Playtime (Toys)

Let’s Go (Transport)

Once Upon A Time (Castles and Royals)


NF: Labels, captions, lists recounts, postcards / letters

F: Retelling the story, sequencing and recounting

Poetry: Patterns and Rhymes

Instructions 2 weeks

Non chronological reports 2 weeks

Recount 2 weeks

Story writing 6 weeks (broken into familiar settings, familiar characters, sequencing familiar stories and moving into creating own character, creating and writing about own setting and mapping own story using pattern or familiar story as a template)


Menus and recipes (instructions) 1week

Invitations and Thank you cards (letter writing) 2 weeks

Non chronological report. 3 weeks

Story writing 3 weeks



Place Value: Numbers within 10, Addition and Subtraction within 10, Properties of Shapes, Position including Direction and Movement, Numbers within 20, Addition and Subtraction within 20.

Time, Calculations within 20, Using and understanding numbers up to 50, Addition and Subtraction within 20 including 1-step word problems, Fractions, Length and Mass using standard and non-standard units.

Numbers to 100 and beyond, Addition and Subtraction beyond 20 including word problems, Money: value of coins including 1 step word problems


What responsibility has God given people about taking care of creation?

What is the light of Christmas?

Why are they having a Jewish party?

Why is Easter the most important festival for Christians?

What are God’s rules for living?

What do Sikh’s believe?


Uses of Everyday Materials

Seasonal changes

Animals including humans

seasonal changes


seasonal changes


Using technology safely

Communication online

Personal information

Staying safe / getting help

Coding and Programming

Algorithms / Decomposition

Coding and programming

Programming on screen

Sequence, repetition and selection

Programming languages debugging

Using technology safely

Social networking

Being responsible

Reporting concerns


Computer games

Playing and analysing games

Computer Games

Creating computer games

Debugging – identifying and correcting errors, problem solving and improvement


Understanding Technology

Understanding networks

The Internet

Robots and Sensors

Real world control systems

Impact of tech on society

Robots and Sensors and control

Interacting with technology

Sensors and data logging


Build/ program physical systems


Living Memory

History of games, toys and play

How is my teddy like an old teddy? What do old toys look like? What can we find out about toys from the past? When were toys made? How have toys changed throughout history?

Living Memory


Significant People

Neil Armstrong, Amelia Earhart, Henry Ford

How has London Transport changed? How have cars changed? How have trains changed? Who was Neil Armstrong?  Who was Henry Ford? Who flew the first plane? How will transport change in the future?

Historical Sites

Famous Towers, castles and Palaces

Significant People

Queen Elizabeth    The Royal Family

Who is Queen Elizabeth? Who are the important Kings and Queens? What would it be like to work at a medieval castle? What happens at a medieval banquet?


learning to draw a simple map

Can we design a map for a toy car?

Where do toys come from?

Learning about maps and transport in our local area and around the world.

What transport is in my local area? Is transport the same in all countries? Where have I been? How can I travel around the world? How would I travel abroad? What is the weather like around the world?  What transport is needed in a city?

Begin drawing a map with a simple key.

Looking at castles in the UK and in other places.

What famous castles are there in London? Where should I build my castle? Where are castles in the UK? What do castle around the world look like?


Still life drawing of arrangement of toys/ Landscape of people playing in a playground or a park
Key Artist/s: Lowry

Using a range of natural materials build invidual and group pieces
Key Artist/s:
Andy Goldsworthy

Self portrait in royal pose
Key Artists:   David Hockney - Self-Portrait, 1954
Vincent Van Gogh

Design and Technology

World Food Day (Cooking and Nutrition)

Playground Equipment (Templates and Joining)

Car for Toys (wheels and Axels)

Moving Easter / Spring Cards / Decorations (Sliders and Levers)

Sock / Glove Puppets (Templates and Joining)

Teddy Bear Picnic (preparing fruit and vegetables)


Hey You!

Rhythm in the way we walk

The Banana Rap

In the Groove

Round and round

Your imagination

Reflect, rewind and replay


L1: Multiskills

L2: Boot Camp

L1: Story Time Dance

L2: Might Movers

LI Groovy Gymnastics

L2: Skip to the beat

L1: Brilliant Ball Skills

L2: Gymfit Circuits

L1: Throwing and catching

L2: Cook Core

L1: Active Athletics

L2: Fitness Frenzy


Being me in my world

Celebrating Differences

Dreams and Goals

Healthy Me


Changing Me

Modern Foreign Languages


Names of 5 toys – doll, teddy, train, ball, dinosaurs, unicorn

What’s your favourite toy? My favourite toy is…

Places: house, bedroom, living room, park, street. I like to play with my … in my bedroom


Name of transport x 5

Name of transport buildings ie: train station, airport, garage,

Where is the [station]/


Fairy tales

Princess, dragon, castle, queen, king


Trips and Experiences

In School: Teddy bear workshop

Museum of Childhood (book workshop, check website)

In school: Junk modelling rocket building workshop

Trip around London on different forms of transport.

Science Museum: possible workshop “Destination Space”

In school: Afternoon tea Party to celebrate the Queen’s birthday

(link to book The Birthday Crown)

Trip to Buckingham Palace or Tower of London



Germany (where Steiff, 1st teddy bear was made)

four countries of the UK, name and locate capital cities of the UK

seas around the UK