Return to School FAQs

Your child will be in a bubble of no more than 15 children from their own class. This means that they will be with children that they know well.

No. Government advice is that children in school do not need to wear masks and gloves in school and indeed at this age most do not know how to wear them safely. If you wish your child to wear a mask or gloves travelling to school this is fine but you must remove and dispose of these yourself before the child enters the grounds.

No. Coordinating all of the government requirements and ensuring that siblings attend on the same days has taken a huge amount of work and moving children around will impact much more widely than just on your child.

No, but the teacher will call you and your child on a Wednesday. If they need to speak to you more urgently they will call you sooner. If you need to speak to them more urgently please send an email to

This is to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They will be able to access reading books via Bug Club and will have home learning set by the teacher.

Yes we want to see all children in uniform. We strongly recommend that your child takes off their uniform as soon as they get home and that you wash it ready for wear the next day.

No, they should not bring a PE kit. Although they will be doing some exercise, at this time they will do so in their uniform.

Yes, all children will be given a school lunch.

First aid kits will be kept in each bubble location, along with accident slips. Your child will be treated as normal with staff wearing gloves and aprons as usual. Depending on the injury, staff may also wear a mask if needed. You will get a slip as usual.

We will be following our usual behaviour system of the rainbow. If your child is moved to red you will be sent a text message to let you know, likewise if your child is moved to blue you will receive a text and this will be followed up with a call from the teacher.

It will not be possible for the teacher to call on a different day as they will be teaching but a member of the Safeguarding or Admin team will call to check in with you if your child is at home full time.

We do not know! It is very much down to the government advice and the advice from the Local Authority.

Please email to let us know your thoughts. We will then let you know when it is possible for your child to start. Do not just turn up!

No, we have to follow the government advice around which year groups return in which order and follow our own risk assessment.

This cannot happen as the government advice is that children can only be in one bubble to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

If we contact you to say that your child is showing possible symptoms you must collect your child and arrange for them to be tested. If they test positive everyone else in that bubble will have to self – isolate, including the staff (which will impact on the other bubble they teach), if your child tests negative then they can return to school as normal.

At this time it is not possible for children to bring their bike or scooter into school. Of course they can travel to school on them but you as a parent would need to take them back home. Once again this is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure that children remain in their own individual bubbles.

We need all parents to show responsibility and maintain social distancing at the gate. Only one parent per child should come to drop off and collect and if possible other children should remain at home.

Yes, these will be sent out in July as usual.

No as this will be hard to manage whilst maintaining social distancing. Please ensure your child has breakfast at home.

If your child’s name is in their jumper then we will return it to you. If an item is not named it will be placed in the lost property box but this will not be able to be accessed until things return to normal.

We will arrange for you to have any money owed to you to be refunded by the end of term. We will contact you directly to let you know exactly how and when.

At this point we do not know as the voucher scheme is organised by the government. We will continue processing vouchers until we are told to stop.