FAQ's About Returning to School in September

In late March, Covid-19 infections were increasing faster than anticipated. The government then announced that the public health benefits of keeping schools open had shifted and the scientific advice was that schools should close to slow the spread of the virus.

Like many schools in Tower Hamlets, our school remained open for vulnerable children and children of key workers during lockdown. We then welcomed other year groups, on a part time basis since as the spread of the virus slowed down and now the number of people with the infection is low.

We are taking a number of measures to ensure that we are able to reduce the risk of the transmission of COVID-19. These include;

  • Creating bubbles of children and ensuring that bubbles do not mix with other bubbles
  • Having different start and finish times, break times and mealtimes throughout the day to manage the flow of children through the school
  • Increased signage to support hygiene measure (e.g. washing hands, covering your mouth when you sneeze)  and reminding children of this throughout the day
  • Timetabled toilet, hand washing and sanitising breaks throughout the day
  • Timetabled movement around the school
  • Reducing visitors and parents on the school site
  • Increased deep cleaning before, during and  after school
  • Adapting the breakfast and afterschool care provision

Thursday 3rd September

Year 5

Year 6

Front Pupil Entrance 8:45 – 3:15

Front Pupil Entrance 8:50 – 3:20

Friday 4th September

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Back Pupil Entrance 8:45 – 3:15

Back Pupil Entrance 8:45 – 3:15

Back Pupil Entrance 8:50 – 3:20

Back Pupil Entrance 8:50 – 3:20

Our Reception children will join us from Monday 7th September and we will contact those parents separately

In school your child will be in a 'bubble' of up to 30 children – this means that each class in our school will be one 'bubble'. This means there will be a Reception bubble, a Year 1 bubble and so on for each year group.

No. Government advice is that children in school do not need to wear masks and gloves in school and indeed at this age most do not know how to wear them safely. If you wish your child to wear a mask and / or gloves travelling to school this is fine but you must remove and dispose of these yourself before the child enters the grounds.

Yes, all children will be provided with a hot cooked lunch. Some year groups will be eating these in their classrooms rather than the hall to enable us to keep bubbles separate from one another.

Yes, all children need to wear full school uniform. Please check the website to ensure that the clothing and shoes you are buying for your child are correct.

Your child should bring their coat and a full water bottle, both of which should be clearly marked with their name. If they are having a packed lunch they should also bring this and ensure that it is in a suitable lunch box or bag which is also marked with their name. Packed lunches should not be in open bags such as carrier bags.

We will be in touch in September about other items such as PE kits and book bags but until you hear from us please do not send your child with any other items.

This is tricky as the teacher will be dismissing the children from the gate and needs to maintain social distancing. If you have a non –urgent query please send an email via the school office and the teacher will respond to you as soon as possible. If you have an urgent concern please ask the teacher, when they hand over your child, if they can call you as your concern is urgent. They will then call you as soon as possible.

As a school we receive notification from the Local Authority of children who should not return to school in September due to their medical condition. We have contacted all families to request that anyone who has concerns email us and we will be in contact during the first week of September. This is likely to involve us needing to speak to the child’s consultant and working with the school nurse to draw up a care plan but our approach will differ for each individual child.

We have spent a significant amount of time looking at all of the sibling links to try to minimise this scenario for the vast majority of parents. The only families who will have two children at different gates at the same time have one of these siblings in Year 5 or Year 6. A member of school staff will be at the Front Pupil Entrance (where Year 5 and Year 6 enter) at 8:40am so that parents can leave their eldest child in their line with the staff member supervising them.

At this time it is not possible for children to bring their bike or scooter into school. We are sorry as we know that this is the quickest and easiest way for many children to travel. Of course they can travel to school on them but you as a parent would need to take them home again with you. This is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure that children remain in their own individual bubbles.

If your child’s name is in their jumper then we will return it to you. If an item is not named it will be placed in the lost property box but this will not be able to be accessed until things return to ‘normal’. Please do ensure that your child’s name is clearly marked on all of their belongings.

We need all parents to show responsibility and maintain social distancing at the gate. Only one parent per child should come to drop off and collect their child. No parent should be in the queue for another year group if they do not have a child in that class. Parents must follow the signage on the gates to help keep everyone safe.

They need to be different to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

This means that we will not be bringing in outside provider to deliver clubs, whilst we will of course offer activities it will predominantly be care based. It also means that we have to closely control and monitor the size of each care bubble and which children are in each care bubble to enable effective track and trace to take place should anyone in the school be infected with COVID-19. Parents are not able to come on site so we will need strict drop off and collection times. We will also need to ensure enhanced, additional cleaning of the spaces used for care which impacts of the timing of the sessions.

This core package of care will be reviewed at October half term in line with government and local authority advice.

If your child is behaving well and gets to red on our rainbow system they will come home wearing a sticker. If they have not behaved well and they are on blue you will receive a call from the class teacher in the first instance. If this behaviour becomes repetitive you will then be contacted by the Phase Leader and / or Headteacher as appropriate.

We must urge you to allow adequate time to ensure that you arrive on time. Us being able to fully re-open the school is dependent on keeping the bubbles of children separate from one another. If you arrive after your child’s class has come into school you will need to wait until 9am when all of the bubbles of children have been admitted. Between 9am and 9:15am you must call the school number, 020 7987 3202, option 2, where we will then provide you with a gate and time slot to drop your child off. Please do not buzz at the main gate or call the main office.

You must call us immediately to let us know. You must keep your child at home and follow the current guidance from the government around testing. This is available by checking the NHS website or calling 111. You must notify us of the outcome of any COVID-19 testing before your child returns to school.

We will follow all of the government guidance around ensuring that the individual goes and stays home and is directed for testing. As a school we have decided, as we have done in the summer term, that we would contact everyone within that bubble to let them know that someone is showing symptoms which may be linked to COVID-19. Once we are informed of a negative or positive test result we will contact everyone in the bubble to notify them of the outcome.

Yes you do. The only way to know for certain if your child has COVID-19 is for a test to be carried out. Some symptoms of COVID-19 are very similar to other conditions such as seasonal colds, flu and allergies but we cannot take the risk, either as a school or as a nation of not following the government advice around testing.