Stepney Greencoat’s Vision, Ethos and Values

In consultation with our children, governors, parents and carers, and staff we have put together the following vision, ethos and values for the next few years for our School.

Our Vision

In as few words as possible, we have tried to come up with a statement which best captures what we are trying to do at Stepney Greencoat. Here it is:

Helping children to flourish in a safe, diverse and inclusive Christian environment

Our Ethos

To explain this vision statement a little more and to put some markers down as to what each phrase means, we have a few paragraphs below on our distinctives and characteristics as a school. We are:

“Helping children to flourish…”

Here at Stepney Greencoat School we believe each child is an individual with their own special talents. We will strive to enable them individually and together to realise their full potential and to make school a happy experience for them. To this end we aim to provide a high level of teaching, partner with parents and carers and provide an education that is ‘more than SATS’.

“Safe, diverse and inclusive…”

We are entrusted with children and work hard to keep them safe and secure. We delight in being part of a diverse community in Tower Hamlets, which also sadly includes high levels of child poverty and deprivation. We are glad to have children with a range of abilities and from a variety of ethnic, religious and family backgrounds. We work hard to involve everyone in the whole life of the School because all people are made in God’s image and worthy of respect and honour.


The School was founded over 300 years ago out of strong Christian convictions. We are keen to maintain this basis. From this flows our desire for all our children to grow, flourish and be safe while they are with us. We are keen that Christian teaching on love, forgiveness, hard work and justice are embedded in the School, as we follow the God who is loving and just.

Our Values

Over the next couple of years, in our assemblies together, through RE and embedded in the wider curriculum, we want to particularly focus on these qualities as we live and work together:



God’s word the Bible