After School Care

What’s on offer in Autumn 2022?

Musical Theatre: Theatre Life Academy provide fun and engaging Musical Theatre classes. Your child will learn how to sing, dance, feel part of a team, confidence build; learn performance skills and much more! We encourage your child to play a variety of different characters, which is a great way to help build confidence and self-esteem. They will work with experienced industry professionals who have worked in TV, Film and the West End! Come and join in the fun!

Physical Fun: Get physical by moving your body – dance, run, play sports, skip and hula hoop!

Books & Story time: Come and read your favourite books and listen to wonderful stories!

Art & Crafts: We will be delivering an exciting range of arts and crafts activities so your child will have something new to bring home and show you every week.

Board games: Play a range of traditional and modern board games against your peers.

Dance, Music & Sing a Long: Come and learn new dance moves while listening and singing along to your favourite songs!

Creative Colouring: The children will be provided with images to colour, or create their own masterpieces from scratch.

Judo: Join us in this fitness class that benefits both physical and mental development.

Lego & Construction: Come and use our extensive Lego/Duplo sets and also build different structures from a range of materials such as old boxes and anything you can build something with!

Stay and Play: Relax at this club, having free choice of a range of activities including colouring, board games, reading or simply chatting with your friends.

Painting Club: Come and have fun painting and creating wonderful masterpieces of artwork!

Film Night: Films suitable for all ages will be shown and popcorn will be served!

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